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In your Corner - Linking Service


All you need is one person.


One person to listen to you, so that you feel heard. To meet up with you and validate your feelings while you navigate your family through daily life. When times are difficult, that one person can help make a bad day into a not-so-bad day and fill it with realistic optimism.

Having that one person in your support network who can relate through first-hand experience, to what you are going through, and how frustrating it can feel at times. Making it easier when you have to leave social situations early due to children not coping, the acceptance of your circumstances, which in turn allows you to avoid shame and embarrassment.

Also having that one person who can celebrate those little achievements, which are actually significant achievements for your family. That one person who you can call a friend.

We understand how difficult it can be to navigate through the social situations of life with our children, and how isolating and lonely parenting neurodivergent children can be. We also know how valuable that one person can be, which is why we have set up “In your corner” a linking service to help you find a like-minded parent who has similar interests to yourself and lives locally to you.

How it works

Complete the form below, telling us your location, interests and any other information which you feel is relevant, e.g. whether you would be interested in mutual babysitting service or socialising with your family, or child-free coffee and chat meet-up.

We will then match you with a like-minded parent in your area. It is then up to you whether you contact them. If you feel the match isn’t the right fit, then you are welcome to fill in another form and we can link you up with another member of the therapeutic parenting community.

The matching service is exclusively for NATP members to use as part of their membership benefits.


Please note: NATP is a linking service to find friendship, we introduce you to another member matched on your situation and interests which you have stated in the form. It is the members responsibility to do all the necessary checks if they enter into a casual reciprocal babysitting agreement with each other.

"Submit an 'In your Corner' form today!"

Thank you! One of the team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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