How do I become an NAOTP Member? >

First, select 'Membership' from the Menu to begin the joining process, or click one of the buttons below.

Household Membership
Associate Membership

For a concise guide to joining the NAOTP, or if you are feeling desperate, click here.

I Am Already a Member, How do I Login? >

To Login, click the 'Login' Button. If this is your first visit to the new website, choose 'Sign Up'. Please use the email address you gave us when you purchased your membership. You do not need to use the same password (see I Am Already a Member, Why Do I Need to 'Sign Up' Again? >)

The Website Says I Am Not A Member,
But I'm Sure I Am >

If this is your first use of the new website, check you have selected SignUp rather than Login.

Double check you have Signed Up using the same email address as you gave us when you purchased your membership.

It is important to us to keep your details safe - our website won't share your information over an insecure connection. Try closing your other tabs, restart your device or try again on a different device / browser. Once the 'handshake' has occurred successfully between user and website on one device and the member has been approved, members can usually access the website successfully with their initial device.

Why Doesn't My Profile Show My Membership No or Region? >

It is likely you have just joined the NAOTP!

Your Membership Number and Region will be assigned to you soon and you will receive an email containing this information.

If you have not yet purchased membership,

Buy Now!

How Do I Renew My Membership? >

If your subscription end date has passed, renew your membership by selecting Renew from the Membership menu. You can also renew your membership by clicking Renew Membership on the 'My Profile' page. This will be effective immediately!



We may be able to take enquiries regarding renewals and amendments of membership over the phone during office hours, although there is likely to be a delay in processing any requests.

How to check if I'm an NAOTP Member >

Once you are logged in, click on 'My Profile' to check whether there is a number in the 'Membership No.' field, or a 'Subscription Start Date'. If both of these fields are blank, this indicates you are not an NAOTP member yet! If your Subscription End Date has passed, click Renew.


For Membership enquiries, Contact Us.

I Am Already a Member,
Why Do I Need to 'Sign Up' Again? >

It is important to us to keep your details safe. Transferring passwords from one website to another is not advised for security reasons. This site will only require you to 'Sign Up' on your first visit. This does not require you to buy membership again.

When I Open My Profile,
None of The Fields Seem To Load >

Does the email address field load?

If No - Your browser is not loading your information. We advise you check your internet connection, Log Out or use another device.

If Yes - Check that the email address is the one you registered with when you first became a member of the NAOTP. If you have changed your email address, Contact Us to update your email address.

I've Just Tried To Join
But I Don't Know If I Have Paid >

Were you redirected to the Thank you page?

If you were, you have paid and are now a member! If you were not, you did not fully complete the payment process. Please confirm with your bank whether the payment was successful and, if so, contact us and we will help you complete the joining process. If you did not purchase your membership yet, Buy Membership.

The Page Isn't Loading >

If you are experiencing a white, grey or black screen, or the page doesn't appear to be loading this is indicative of a browser / connection issue. Close your other tabs, restart your device or try again on a different device / browser. 

How Can I Add Someone Else To My Membership or Amend My Profile? >

If you would like to add a second member of your household to your membership, contact the office upon joining and we will add them for you.

If you would like to amend your profile, Contact Us and provide your new information.

How Do I Contact NAOTP If I Have An Enquiry? >

If you have a membership enquiry that is not answered on this page, Contact Us.

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