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Empathic Listening

At NATP we now have a whole team, The Therapeutic Parenting Leads that work with our families to support them through the ups and downs of being a Therapeutic Parent and the challenges they face along the way.


The Therapeutic Parenting Leads will support the families using empathic listening, as Therapeutic Parents themselves they can offer true effective empathy. 

What is Empathic Listening?

Empathetic listening means listening in a caring manner. It encompasses compassion, feeling, insight, and emotional connection and helps us understand where the other person is coming from before we react.

The role of the Therapeutic Parenting Lead is as follows:

  • To be an active listener to enable you to feel truly heard.

  • To show empathy and understanding for you and your family. 

  • To be able to signpost you to relevant resources for specific issues.

  • Provide basic Therapeutic Parenting strategies. 

What the Therapeutic Parenting Lead is not expected to do is to give highly specialised advice about specific or targeted issues, or to provide a structured training plan to address the issues you are facing. If the Therapeutic Parenting Lead feels that you need additional support via our extended services they will action a package of support to be provided.


How to Book a Session 

You can contact us via the NATP helpline on 01453 519000.

During the phone call we will take all details needed to book a session with one of our highly skilled Therapeutic Parenting Leads, during the phone call we will establish what the area of need is, the best method of contact for the session and share information about how you can book future sessions, if required. 

Alternatively you can fill out the below form and a member of staff will telephone you to book an appointment, please note the first appointment is free, further sessions are charged at £25 per session. 

Please note all sessions run during the working day (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm). 

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