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Trigger Clinic Bookings

At NATP we are pleased to introduce free private 1-2-1 session with empathic listener Sami, who is also training to be a counsellor. These are a great way to offload any parenting woes you have, gain tried and tested strategies and most importantly helping to alleviate compassion fatigue. 

What is Empathic Listening?

Empathetic listening means listening in a caring manner. It encompasses compassion, feeling, insight, and emotional connection and helps us understand where the other person is coming from before we react.

The role of the empathic listener is as follows:

  • To be an active listener to enable you to feel truly heard.

  • To show empathy and understanding for you and your family. 

  • To be able to signpost you to relevant resources for specific issues.

  • Provide basic Therapeutic Parenting strategies. 


"Hi, I’m Samantha Byrne and I am an Empathic Listener and Counsellor in training currently studying a MSc in Psychotherapeutic Counselling at Staffordshire University.   My qualification will mean I am an integrative counsellor having studied in a variety of therapy approaches including person-centered therapy, CBT, Attachment therapy, Psychodynamic therapy, and Gestalt therapy.  I have a personal interest in attachment and trauma and the impact this has upon children and adults through their lives as well as loss and self-care.


I have a warm, non-judgmental approach and understand the different feelings experienced by parents, having adopted two boys of my own.  If you need to talk then I am here to listen."

These sessions are currently run every Wednesday.